I want to tell you about one of my biggest AHA moments. To me an AHA moment is when you all of a sudden see the world in a completely different way and the contrast between the way you WERE seeing it and the way you are NOW seeing it makes you go ‘AHA!”.

You can watch the video here if you prefer.

It doesn’t have to be some amazing spiritual, deep, meaningful event either – like a near death experience, a baby being born, a moment after meditating straight for 20 hours…
They can be little everyday things..I’ve got a few to share but this one is the one that changed the way I dealt with stress forever.

Now remember – it might not be life changing for you, because it happened to me, but the message I share might be the things that makes you think, gets you aware and paying attention to the little lessons life is handing us all the time.

So, some background. It was a highly stressful time for me. I was in the middle of separating from my husband who I’d been with for 17 years and had 3 children with. I was working for an amazing company, in the corporate world (I’d always been a teacher) and I was running training workshops on behalf of a nationwide company. I’d only been up the front of a classroom – this was new and scary.

I’d spent the night preparing all my materials, thoughts and notes.

Oh I was also recovering from whooping cough – that’s another story for another time – so I was drinking a green smoothie every day to help heal my body with the nutrients it needed.

On the morning of the presentation I climbed in to my new car with all my materials and my green smoothie and was getting the location up on my phone when I knocked my smoothie from the cup holder and it went flying all over the car. I mentioned it was a new car didn’t I?

It was like time stood still. You know, like in a movie where they freeze it for a second to tell you some important information.

And if it was a film you would have seen me flash forward through a whole reaction to this situation – bursting into to tears, saying ‘I can’t believe it, of course this would happen today, if this is how the day is starting out everything is doomed’, oh my new car, more tears, my husband, my fear of failing at this workshop…it would have all come pouring out.

Instead I looked, tilted my head to the side and said out loud ‘I’m going to have to clean that up later’.

I can’t tell you what happened in my brain at that moment but cogs and things just all clicked and fell into placed and whirred smoothly. I had chosen to respond to the situation rather than react (and make up stories about what it all meant to spill a green smoothie). I laughed out loud.

I felt powerful and in control of my life. It lifted my energy. I know. It was just a green smoothie.

But what I had just learned was I had a choice in how I responded. I could be a victim or I could thrive.

Now just because I had this moment doesn’t mean I never lose my %$#@ anymore. I have, and will, but the time between me losing it and realising I am reacting becomes smaller and smaller before I am able to step back into control. And that’s what thriving looks like.

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