From a teacher to any student who needs to hear this right now.

I want you to know. You are not failing school. School is failing you.

If you do not enjoy school there is nothing wrong with you. And it is not your fault.

If you love school, that’s great, have fun but also remember this message.

You are more than the subjects you choose, the test results, the number of hours you spend studying. 

Whether you are up-to-date with your school work or not does not determine your value or what you have to offer in the world.

What matters more than the facts stored in your mind is the kindness stored in your heart and the faith you have in yourself.

You cannot predict a person’s success from their school results. Plus success means different things for different people.

You can fail school and end up running a multi-million dollar company. You can ace your exams and end up alone. And everything in between.

School is the same now as when I was at school. Same system, same structure, same subjects, same timetabling, same content, same way of learning.  I was asking then ‘Why are we learning this? What is the point?’

And we didn’t have personal computers in our pockets back then.

Every bit of content you need to know is on the internet.

Everything except all the things about YOU.

I believe learning about YOU is the most important work you can do in your life.

It’s not selfish to be introspective. To be wondering about how you fit in, where you fit in, why you are here, what life has in store… It’s normal.

It’s important to learn about what you like, what lights you up, how you learn, what organisation systems work for you, who you want to be, what you need in a relationship, how to understand what your emotions are telling you, how to follow your instincts, how to speak up, how to give to others without compromising yourself, how to love others and yourself, what type of creator you are…

When you know who you are then you are clear on your purpose and you have meaning in your life.

When you leave school you will wonder – why didn’t they teach me this?

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