I wish they'd taught me this at school.

Everyone is creative.

Art is a way to relax,  de-stress, express, meditate and yup - unwind your mind. (And imho shouldn't be assessed!)

It's how you get to flow state (where time is no longer  even a thing!)

In this course we will create four simple and amazing art works PLUS cover some principles for creating a healthy mind

Come and experience the peace of FLOW state and turn art into an activity that you can rely on for instant stress relief & relaxation when you need it.


Let loose with line and learn about how to let your thoughts go.


Create simple art from shapes and discover how your thoughts create your reality.


Design a unique pattern and find out why repeating affirmations can change your life.


Make a mandala and uncover the gift of making mistakes and shift perfectionsim.


  • 4 sessions 
  • 4 x 30 minute instructional videos
  • 8 printable ACTION sheets 
  • Content covering art activities and mindset work
  • Guided instructions
  • Supportive environment

This is not like other online courses where you are just left on your own to work through the activities.

Belinda is active in the course platform asking questions and cheering you on. You can also ask for help at any time.

Did you know that people who spend 2 or more hours a week engaged in the arts are shown to have significantly better mental and emotional health & wellbeing? 

It's true. Plus it's just fun. 

Our online programs are friendly and filled with positive energy, along with practical tools, relevant examples and guided instructions to apply the learning to your own life using our specially designed ACTION sheets.


 "Belinda is the most caring, committed and compassionate teacher who has piqued my interest in art throughout the course." 

Aged 14

 "...the most important thing is that Belinda cares for the person in front of her. She cares for who they are and where they are going and knows her role in helping them get there. And that makes the biggest difference of all." 

Stu Neighbour
CEO Inspire Group Melbourne

 "She really loved studying Art with you. It has been a joy to see her artistic and personal confidence continue to thrive from your encouragement.
We can't thank you enough." 

Tina Mills
Parent, teen aged 14


There are no special art skills or materials required. Can you hold a pen? You're in! Have you got some paper and textas? Let's go!

This online course is self-paced so you can do it in a day - or take a year!

You'll receive a recorded video for each session along with an ACTION sheet. Each session is around 20 - 30 minutes of video content. There is also a supportive online space to ask questions and get personalised feedback and help throughout your experience.

The course is contained in a online platform that you will receive personal log in details for. The platform is mobile responsive meaning you van view the course on PC, laptop, iPad and mobile devices.

This course is designed specifically for teens aged from 12+, though we have also had young adults (and older adults!) complete our courses with raving reviews.