I wish they'd taught me this at school.

You can change your life...
when you change your habits.

And creating new habits isn't hard when you know how.

I was that person. Every New Years Eve. A list of bad habits I wanted to break and a list of new habits I wanted to stick to.

Year after year.
-Stop smoking.
-Go to the gym.
-Get healthy.
-Read more.
-Save money.
I know you know the things.

The problem was that while I wanted these things I had no idea how to achieve them. No systems.

Now my life looks very different.
I exercise daily without thinking about it.
I eat good food.
I don't smoke or drink.
I have savings.
I read nearly everyday.

I'm not perfect and I'm not a machine.
But 90% of the time I am doing the things that help me live a good life. And keep me happy.

And I do it easily - without it feeling like a chore. How?
I built good habits
(and ditched the ones that brought me down)

The good news? You can learn this stuff.


This is amazing and incredibly helpful!


She really loved learning with you. It has been a joy to see her personal confidence continue to thrive from your encouragement.
We can't thank you enough.


Belinda has an amazing way of connecting with and building rapport with youth. This is worth checking out.




Intro to habits

We'll look at why good habits are essential and give an overview of the course.


Getting clear

First you need to know what you want to change and why so we spend time getting clear goals in place.


Identifying blocks

There are likely things from stopping you from creating good habits - we'll identify them and how to remove them.


Start small

Big ambitions are great but you don't climb Everest first go. We'll shrink your goal and create tiny habits to get started.


Piggy back

My favourite habit hack helps you quickly and easily add new habits to your day.


Design Track Reflect

You can't improve what you don't measure. We'll look at systems to track your progress and refine your goals. 


  • 6 SELF STUDY sessions
  • 11 bite-sized videos
  • 5 ACTION sheets
  • Guided instructions to building
    good habits one step at a time.
  • Discussion area with talking prompts

This is not like other online courses where you are just left on your own to work through the activities.

Belinda is active in the course platform asking questions and cheering you on. You can also ask for help at any time.

Hey there!

I’m Belinda J.  I'm the founder of School of Stuff That Matters.

I started this whole thing because I found myself saying things like ‘I wish they’d taught me that at school’ all the time. I am a teacher, mother of 3 teenage boys and have done mega amounts of professional and personal development. 

I've been creating online courses since 2014 and teaching for 20 years. I know what works and how to get the best experience and outcomes for my students.

" Your habits will determine your future."


" Your habits will determine your future."


Our online programs are friendly and filled with positive energy, along with practical tools, relevant examples and guided instructions to apply the learning to your own life using our specially designed ACTION sheets.


This online course is self-paced so you can do it in a day - or take a year!
We recommend completing one session a week so you have time to try the strategies and see what works for you best.

You'll receive a recorded video for each session along with an ACTION sheet. Each session is around 5 minutes of video content and 10 - 20 minutes of completing the ACTION sheet. There is also a supportive online space to ask questions and get personalised feedback and help throughout your experience.

The course is contained in a online platform that you will receive personal log in details for. The platform is mobile responsive meaning you van view the course on PC, laptop, iPad and mobile devices.

This course is designed specifically for teens aged from 12+, though we have also had young adults (and older adults!) complete our courses with raving reviews.

Feel free to email Belinda schoolofstuffthatmatters@gmail.com