THIS COURSE IS INCREDIBLE!! starting this course has made my day. Your videos are so relatable and I love how you have added a few of your own personal experiences!

Thank you so much Belinda for this course. I have loved it so much and have found myself feeling a lot more calm. The parts were broken up nicely. I really liked the activities and the video's were engaging and helpful too. Overall it was great. Thank you for the helpful course:)

I liked how calm Belinda was and how she related the stuff she said to personal experiences. The videos were short but informative and the action sheets were easy. they made me think about my emotions more. I liked the course a lot!

Hi I just finished part 1 and I feel really confident about making changes in my life after the lessons! I'm really excited for the next parts. :)

Thank you so much for making this. It's so helpful and it feels good to know that there are other people who go through the same thing that I do. I can't wait to continue.

She has an amazing way of connecting with and building rapport with youth. This is worth checking out.

Thank you for helping young people with your guiding light and love. You are changing the world and making such a difference.

Belinda is an amazing teacher, one of those who 'get's it'!! Lots of teachers 'get it' but who creates content that will actually help youth evolve??

Before doing Stress Less I was was constantly letting little things get me overwhelmed and worried. But I learnt ways to deal with how I feel and identify why I feel worried and now I can deal with stress in a much better way. I think that everyone should try this course because it has something for everyone and a range of activities to help you learn how to deal with stress. Personally I really loved the action sheets.

This is amazing and incredibly helpful!

I’m telling you this is good for grown ups too!! I am so enjoying it.  I’ve never done this kind of audit on my stress before.  I think so far it’s fantastic and I’m only at the beginning.  I’m thinking of everything that causes me stress from messy desk to weight to work to kids.  I need this and I bet a lot of grown ups do!!!
 -STUDENT (adult)-

She really loved learning with you. It has been a joy to see her personal confidence continue to thrive from your encouragement.
We can't thank you enough.

At times it took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to do
things I've never done before but it was presented in such a logical
and orderly manner that I was able to achieve success at every corner.
 -STUDENT (adult)-

Belinda is the most caring, committed and compassionate teacher who has piqued my interest in the subject matter throughout the course. She teaches very effectively and makes learning a joy. I really enjoyed all of Belinda’s classes. They are carefully planned, creative and fun. Belinda always places the welfare of her students before anything else

Beej is one of those educators that I wish I’d had when I was in school. She gets the basics of what makes good learning and how to communicate what matters. She is happy in both digital and analogue spaces and can build real experiences for each. But the most important thing is that she cares for the person in front of her. She cares for who they are and where they are going and knows her role in helping them get there. And that makes the biggest difference of all.